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Metal, Hardcore, Thrash
Label name:
Czar Of Crickets
Alex Büche, Sandro Gysin, Joachim Lötscher, Reeto Hartmann, David Horstmann
Pantera, Down, Machine Head, Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne


So many bands made it to the top...

They wrote music that catches you, never lets you go and animates you to listen to it over and over again. If Black Sabbath never played their gigs, if Led Zeppelin never had the chance - modern metal and rock music as we know it today would've never existed.

Also Basel, Switzerland based Band Coilcry would have never existed without these heroic artists, since they grab their influences from the music of the classic rock gods and the modern day heroes. Even if it's electric music they don't know any borders, because it's for the sake of the variety of the music they play. This mixture makes their unique style which they call

They met each other to let a mixture of various music styles rain down on their listeners that is not easy to categorize. It’s up to you to order all the different influences that define how they rock and that let you find way into their world. With a nice number of shows in Switzerland and Germany they go their way, ready to find new inspiration and possibilities for them to evolve their unique style, never to be silent and to bomb away everything with raw live power!