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Eddie Ray Franks Jr.

Eddie Ray Franks Jr.
Jonesville, Tx, United States
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Country, Country, Country
Johnny Horton, Tillman B Franks


I was country when country was country...

Hello my name is Eddie Ray Franks Jr. Retired Army in 1992 after 26 yrs, singing Country music every since I was 6 yrs old. Singer and song writer of country music. I had my first guitar lesson at the age of 6 from Johnny Horton. I grew up on the Louisiana Hayride. My hero's were my Uncle the late Tillman B. Franks and my friend the late Johnny Horton. I have played in NCO clubs on many bases around the world. I have also preformed in various retirement homes for the love of entertaining and putting smiles on someones face, played in a few night clubs here and there...I have settled in to focus on my music and writing songs, I am curently working on some new material and in the process of getting some of my music recorded. In the process of getting a new cd recorded. I co-wrote songs with Bo Gerbig Jr. , Tillman Ben Franks Jr. , the late Michael Benning and my brother John R. Franks. I have been fortunate enough to work with great musicians and great songwriters like my cousin Tillman Ben Franks Jr. and musicians like Dexter Mathis and Dean Mathis. Tillman Ben Franks Jr. has wrote songs for me that are unbelievable like "Naw", "Just Country" and "I Was Country When Country Was Country". We have co-wrote songs together also like "Howl At The Moon" , "Keep On Loving You"and "Just Another Bump In The Road". My cousin Tillman Ben Franks Jr. has been my inspiration and drive to keep me going in this business. Dexter Mathis has been my vocal coach and pulled the music out of me. Dean Mathis (Dexter's Dad) has gave me inspiration to keep on singing my style of music. Without these three guys, I could not do what I do. I owe everything to them.