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Underground Massacre

Underground Massacre
Alternative, Psychedelic, Grunge
Des Himself, Joshua Shaffer, Aakash Vagarya


It all started on January 31st, 2004 when the band that Des and his friend Vadim were in broke up that day leaving their drummer free. Des and Vadim quickly asked the drummer named Stevo to join which he did and the band was officially announced. They played a show that night at Stevo's house and our first listeners liked our energy level. Many things have happened since then leaving Des the only remaining original member. Joshua Shaffer have joined U.M. after about 6 years of it's existence. He showed his dedication to U.M. agenda and to this way of making music which is limitless without any boundaries. Aakash Vagarya Is now our bassist. He is a good individual who is dedicated to our success in our message which we always try to transmit.