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Westlake, Ohio, USA
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Blues Rock, Rock, Soul
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JRoc, Remy G, Shane D
Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Mars Volta, Robin Trower, Prince, King's X,Otis Redding, Albert King, SRV, Satriani, Vai, Miles Davis
"I have been in music for the better part of my entire life. I just recently worked with a long time friend of mine JRock and his band Blackstone in Cleveland Ohio. The band was not only well rehearsed but totally professional on every level. As an engin


From deep within the Eagle Nebula, the Blackstone was formed through the sub-atomic pressure of the Pillars of Creation. It was set forth and brought to planet earth by the power of the gods to bring together a trio of musicians to spread it's unearthly message.
Jerry"jroc"Franklin came upon the Blackstone in a field in Louisville, KY. At first site he knew what powers the stone held. It shined a beacon which led him to the Cleveland, OH area to Remy Gareau, whom he found half-dead in the back alley of a local Rock club with his Bass impaled in his chest. The Blackstone filled him back with life and Jerry and Remy began channeling the telekinetic powers of the stone in to music, unaware of the path that had already been laid out before them. On a cold and dark day, while Jerry and Remy were in deep connection with the stone, Shane Spohn came crashing through a window and was said to be muttering the phrase, "The stone brought me," over and over, but most accounts of this event were from untrusted sources, and all information therefore must be considered heresy. And so began the era of Blackstone, three strangers brought together by the a celestial relic of infinitesimal power, charged with the laborious task of making Rock & Roll to make the hearts of men stop and the undergarments of women drop