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La Unica

La Unica
Vorhees, Nj, United States
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Electronica, Club, Pop
La Unica
Ackent, DJ Havana Brown, Nikki Williams, Kat DeLuna Worldwide, Aaliyah


Hailing from New Jersey Rach`ele Alexis Wilt was born June 13th 1989. Coming from a diverse background the appreciation of art music and culture was embedded at a young age. From grade school playing trombone to high school side line percussion and choir. Digging deep she studied hard all types of genres from classical to reggaeton. The appreciation grew rapidly as the years went by having the passion to become a music artist. After Dabbling in production Rach`ele also took up the art of singing Influenced by her mother Jacquelyn. Her mother also being a music guru is classically trained vocally as well as in violin. Working alongside her mother Rach`ele has found her voice and grown from where she was to where she is now. Today Rach`ele is currently working with extraordinary super producer Korsez from Paris, France. With their combined talent and skill they will take music to another level and where it has never gone before. Rach`ele intends on bringing a new fresh sound to people all over the world young and old. She believes music is a universal language and should be shared with others and wants to move people with her music just the same way she has been.