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Fall Risk

Fall Risk
Henderson, Nevada, United States
Postal code:
Rock, Punk
Damon Wood, Brandon Perry, Jeremy Allgaier, Dan Gamache
Social Distortion, The bouncing Souls, The Foo Fighters, Everclear, Rise Against, Jimi Hendrix, Beer


Fall Risk formed in March of 2010 and is comprised of four working class, warrior punks! Meaning they're just four dudes who love making music and happen to all have a military background. In fact they represent all four branches of the D.O.D (Department of Defense) Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines.
Fall Risk was founded by Damon Wood, Dan Gamache and Brandon Perry after leaving the band they formerly played in together, where Brandon played bass, Dan played lead guitar and Damon played drums. Jeremy Allgaier, a long time friend of Damon, came in shortly after the idea of a new project was discussed.
They all came from different walks of life and places yet they still have that one common tie...the military. Having that bond, their music is certainly driven by a wide range of international experience. Songs about life in general, to the emotional effects of combat experience, Fall Risk will have something extraordinary for every listener.
The music.... Well the music is so far, kind of like a Rock & Roll salad slathered with Punk Rock dressing! Man, is it tasty! If you like rock and punk, then Fall Risk has quite the menu for you. Meaty, driving guitar, drums and bass for a rhythm section that are like bloody marinated steak. Lead vocals that will stick to your ribs like the best garlic mashed potatoes and a smokin hot and spicy soup of lead guitar riffs that will blow your mind. The live performance is the garnish that makes the whole thing artistically sound.
So, when you come sit at the Fall Risk table, come hungry and ready for two fists full of rockin goodness!!