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Emanuel Mendes

Emanuel Mendes
London, England, United Kingdom
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Rock, R&B, Techno
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Led Zepplin, AC/DC , Steve Ray Vaughan, Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton


I was born in a Small Island Called Madeira which is a very beautiful and sunny place and since I can remember I wanted to and started playing guitar I guess when I was 8 years old Some how I got hold of a very old and battered guitar that was lying around with no strings. Living in a Island like Madeira a very well know for its Madeira Wine and tropical weather not mentioning the fresh fish. One day walking around in the street I look down to the floor to only notice a long peace of nylon string which I found it could be useful and used as a guitar, I pick it up ( as you know the fish man use this for their fishing rods). Obviously with this idea in mind to use it as a string for my guitar and quickly took it home desperately and fixed on the guitar to see what sounds I could get out of it . well as you figured out I had a old battered guitar with one string witch I was very happy to make sounds out of it and since then I have never looked back I knew it then I really knew that what I wanted to be was a musician in my life and so it was and now here I am with this beautiful album called Inspiration

Mission: Statement my aim is to make good music that it will make a lot of people happy when they listen to it That is what music is for.

Influences: I listen to various songs from Steve Ray Vaughan ,Rolling Stones to Led Zepplin AC/DC Eric Clapton or Carrie Underwood , Elvis and Britten Spears, U2 , Police and many more anything really, I find it all a learning/composing experience really , I love to produce originals I listen to a lot of various specially what is on top of the charts.

Udate Notice: we have 3 Rock albums they were Recorded In Central London years 2010/2012 they are on websites like google it