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The Mad Dubber

The Mad Dubber
Denver, Colorado, USA
Electronica, Experimental, Instrumental
The Mad Dubber


As a little kid in the 70's, I loved to irritate my mom with rude and obnoxious noises. In the early 80's as a teen, I discovered that loud music worked even better.. During my Jr. High years I participated in a school radio club producing and "DJ"ing after school broadcasts.. Since then, I wanted to work in radio.. In the early 90's, a high school buddy and I made some drunken attempts at music production with a guitar, a piece of crap drum kit and some old cassette decks. (Really, we just liked to record ourselves making loud obnoxious noise irritating my roommate..) Sadly, time took my ol' friend in the early 2000's. Several years later, I came to a crossing point in my life. I decided it was time to pursue my old dream of working in radio and attended a crash course broadcasting tech school.. During my study, production took on a whole new meaning for me and became an overwhelming passion.. I graduated about 8 years ago and my passion has not waned, (nor has those damned monthly payments on my student loan..) It is full steam ahead..!! Currently, I have a few projects burning in the fire and the future's lookin bright..!! Be on the lookout for my work across the internet, and thanks for your support..!!