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Rose Revolt

Rose Revolt
Munich, Bayern, Germany
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Rock, Alternative, Blues Rock
Igor Lepan, Mario Lepan?, Golub Vricic?
EKV, Divlje Jagode, Iron Maiden, Hendrix, Urban, Guns 'n' Roses, Whitesnake


he recordings started without a real plan or goals when after playing with many different bands in Germany and Canada, I (IGOR) decided to start making my own Songs and was also helping my Brother (Mario) to record his. That was back in 2000-2001 in Edmonton, CA. After I moved back to Munich in 2003, for reasons I don't want to share, I almost quit playing for long 7 years. And fortunately, the inspiration came back as I was about to explode, so I've been and will be recording new songs and look forward to establishing the Band again alongside my Brother and long time friend and ex-drummer Golub.
The idea is to put sound, feeling, simplicity together. Basically what we do is English/Canadian and Balkan Melodic Rock eventhough I experimented somewhat with ethno elements like in the song "U Mahali" which is based on bosnian sevdah music(bosnian ethno). On the other side you might find blues and heavy elements. Took me some time to finaly get a good name which also has a lot in common with our music and philosophy. As it will be heard in some of the songs, it's about making the bad stuff in our world better. Rose as "Nature and Love, feeling" , Revolt as "Against the Coruption and Unjustice". It's nothing new and there are a lot of bands pointing in the same direction but most are extremly agressive. As I think our music has the nice melodic parts, feeling and the power and agression only Rock music can give, it is what will separate us a lot from others as it will be heard on the first upcoming English Album DAMNATION. Influences: Iron Maiden, Wild Strawberries, Hendrix, Purple, Whitesnake, EKV, Majke, Azra, Audioslave, The Tea Party, Satriani...