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Thomas Castner

Thomas Castner
fremont, california, usa
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I have not been on the site for awhile as I am working very hard on healing. PLEASE GIVE ME SOME RATINGS.I'll return them to you.
I am just Very Down to Earth Humble Caring man.Just Myself Tom or TC.All these Music Tracks are With My friends/fellow Veterans. A band we formed 37 years ago.When we aIl met in The US Army in Germany in 1978.I also served in the Us Navy.The Medical field in Both branches. I now have 20 years of True Sobriety off alcohol. I am The Lead singer ,Bass Player & some electric piano. Unfortunately i got sick with a Terminal illness "Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy". Very painful and no cure. My Doctors said, my Bass Guitar & piano days are over. But i Can sing on! The Band(we used different anonymous names over the years) To, protect our sobriety ( for our jobs, Family, especially kids of the "stigma" of once having an Alcohol Problem. We beat it. Now we are called "Sober Soldiers".We Currently are not together, for alot of Personal hardships.Plus we live far from each other in different states. We Did well over 20 years,Of World Wide Charities. We were Taught, "When you get True sobriety, Give Back & help others for Free & look for nothing in return". So we did! I am now looking to become a Lead singer, Harmonizer,recording anything . For Some other Band or People.It is time for me to make some Finances, I need to make my life/illness more comfortable. I do not look ill, That is why they call it an "Invisable illness". Listen To our COVER tracks we performed just about anything . I learned heartache FIRST hand at an early age. I have TRUE Sobriety = NOTHING fake about me.It DOES NOT bother me if others drink,or whatever.Its just not my thing anymore. Thank You So Much JJ. For Inviting me here.
I grew up 30 minutes from NYC in NJ.I have been in California over 30 years. I can Sing Just about anybody or thing. There are Still HONEST People in this World I am. Rock on, i hope i hear from you. I can add my experience, insight and voice & strength & hope if asked. Peace , Tom or TC