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Jimmy Craig Smith

Jimmy Craig Smith
Fort worth, Tx
Country, Pop, Americana
Elvis, Merle, buddy holly


Jimmy (James) Craig Smith is an aspiring songwriter in the Dallas Fort Worth area currently working on song catalog for country, country pop/christian genres available for artists and publishers.

My grandaddy "Truman" bless his sole...played a mean fiddle man...and as a small child, I remember falling to sleep with such comfort and peace listening to grandaddy sing and play...everyone has a dream..and somehow I always knew from the time i picked up my first guitar....just playing around ad-libbing goofy songs with my friends while partying most of the time...but seemed to have a feel for it...putting a lyric to a melody..and I realize now that it is truly a "gift" from the almighty so I give him all the glory as I aspire fulfill "my dream" ...and pray my gift will provide a blessing to others, that they may realize their Gifts and in turn pursue their dreams and fulfill them. God Bless! JC