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Jay Bo

Jay Bo
Alexandria, Virginia, USA
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Afro-beat, Reggae, Rap
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If you dont keep and embrace your culture, then you would sell your soul. You dont know your history and you dont know where youre going. These very words are from beloved African music artist Jay Bo who adds that after coming to the United States at age nine, the only music he heard was from other African artists singing in their dialect. Sierra Leone (Salone) people rushed to support their albums. Being a trendsetter, Jay Bo made a commitment to himself that his music would proudly broadcast the Salone lingo, Krio. And thats exactly what he did.In the early 2000s, Jay Bo and some fellow Sierra Leoneans formed a group called West African Family Entertainment (WAF). Mostly behind the scenes in the studio, Jay Bo managed artists and was responsible for home studio engineering, moderate production, mixing and arranging album projects. By working cohesively with the main act of WAF, known as Shadow Boxxer, Jay Bo envisioned a new music movement for Sierra Leoneans. His devotion with WAF Entertainment opened doors to meeting and working with some of the greatest artists representing the Sierra Leone music industry. Jay Bo dropped his first single Salone Gal Dem in the early 2000s and starred in the song with Samboy produced by E of Italy Productions. Salone Gal Dem was a big hit in Sierra Leone. Uniquely different from the normal Salone artist is how Jay Bo identifies his music style. When asked by Kushe what is the one thing he would have done differently, Jay Bo reflects I would have focused more on Salone because before you can accomplish things in this industry you have to be accepted by your own people. Salone would have been the best place to focus on, not America. He goes on to say its only time and the right person to hear my music. After years of background work, Jay Bo has finally decided to focus on himself. He tells Kushe' dont burn your bridges; you might need to cross it again. He has linked up with Edward Tamba the founder of ETainment Promotion Group. They share the same passion for Sierra Leone music and recognized the importance of working together to combine mutual talents to reach a worldwide population of Sierra Leoneans. To his success, the mix tape single Make Up and Break Up is creating a buzz in the community. Now Jay Bo is working on his upcoming concert in Sierra Leone. As far as family, Jay Bo proudly compliments his mom as the most influential person in his life. She played the role of mother and father and to that point he stresses to always respect your parents and put family first. Jay Bo lives in Virginia, USA with his wife and three beautiful children. He is a graduate of Wakefield High School in Virginia and a former attendant of the United States Marine Corps.