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Stephen Trotter

Stephen Trotter
El Dorado Springs, MO, USA
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Instrumental, Rock
I've had alot of influences


I have been in music since the day I was born. My family was into music and we played music almost everyday and at all family reunions. I played drums for many bands in the Fort Worth, Texas Area till I was around 20 years old. Then stake my claim in El Dorado Springs, Missouri some years later where I started writing and recording my own music. In 2005 a friend and I Started a rock band named "LOST" where we played and recorded our own songs, played locally up till 2012 when the band broke up over personal reasons. That's when I decided I was not done yet my love for playing music was driving me nuts with many songs written but not recorded yet I went back to the drawing board and decided to do instrumentals without lyrics since i'm not good at writing lyrics my only option was to record the music myself and play all if not most of the instruments, which i'm doing now. A big learning process in recording and I still do not have it down pat but I do give it my all. I play local here and have many fans in the area. So with the support of friends and family pushing me to get this music out I decided to put my music on RN. Well here I am. please sit back and enjoy the moment. Thanks for Listening. All Music is protected and copyrights own by "Stephen M Trotter".