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Lil Mim B

Lil Mim B
London, England
Rap, Soul, Hip Hop
Label name:
Mikes Roddy, Young D, 5Seven, Romzy
Real life music with a good vibe to it.


Age 20

Born & Raised In London Uk

Music, Money, Family, Football, Weed.

Whats good people, this bio is all from my own mind, every single word, line, whole bio is self written and ima let you know how it is, started at da bottom but im still here so the music im producing at the moment is always related to the streets but recognise that im different to all the other rappers rapping about the same thing.

Poverty driven child raised by a single mum all i know is the streets but we tryna switch that up, yes we trying to turn negative into positive make something out of nothing, because even though i got that street mentality my heart is pure and my mind is strong, so dont be quick to judge a dude by his actions because sometimes we have to do bad things in order to do good, not because we want to but because we need to, some of you might be confused by what im saying, but if you want to learn more and understand the street culture, and how a brother live then give a brother a chance and check my music out, also holla at my inbox if any questions i will always reply if i get the chance to see your message. Peace. D.O.G 101 HGS Elowen 2 da grave...