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Good Son

Good Son
Scotland, UK
Grunge, Alternative, Rock
Andy Kennedy, Al Strachan, Andy Jay.
Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Metallica.


Good Son is a DIY, Home recorded, project using budget gear, freeware and free promotional tools.
The project was started by Andy Kennedy (Guitars, Vocals, Bass, sound engineering and mixing) and Al Strachan (Drums, Composition, Mixing) following many years of playing together in various bands and never finding satisfaction or the sound they were looking to create.
They devised the Good Son project and enlisted the help of their friend Andy Jay to play guitar solos on the occasional song and set about recording the album they had envisioned in their heads for many years. All songs are recorded at Andy Kennedys house using equipment that comes to roughly £400 in worth.
Neither have any formal training in Sound recording, engineering or Mixing.