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Paul Springfield

Paul Springfield
Allen, Texas, USA
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Country, Gospel, Christian
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Paul Springfield was born in the State of Oklahoma near the town of Warner. His early childhood was experienced in and around the Muskogee and Warner communities.

In the early 1950′s his parents moved to the town of Yuba City in Northern California where he spent his teen years and graduated from high school. He also met Alietta Ellis in Yuba City who would later become his wife of more than 53 years.

At 19, in 1957, Paul moved with his parents back to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and a few months later joined the United States Air Force. During his military tenure, he began writing songs and performing with his military buddies. This music endeavor proved to be something that would be with him for many years to come.

During the end of his four-year military career he and Alietta were married. They finished his tour in Lubbock, Texas in 1961. During his time in Lubbock he continued to tinker with musicand he accompanied two younger brothers on the guitar with their singing competition.

After the military Paul and Alietta moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he began a career in consumer finance. This job would eventually take them to Oklahoma City where he attained his formal education with degrees in Banking and Pre Law. He also began his banking career in the Oklahoma City area where they spent almost 25 years. It was during this time Paul resumed his passion for music by writing country-western songs. He built a recording studio in his home and composed dozens of songs, some of which were recorded and published. One accomplishment of note was a collaboration with a group from Seattle, Washington, which would become a Billboard Pick Hit of the week. It was called Saturday Night Revival. The name of the group was Bitter Creek. Jeremiah Thompson of Chariot Records also recorded some of Pauls songs in Nashvilleand Jeremiah and his wife Sharon named a TV show they hosted on KSBI-TV after one of his songs, From the First Hallelujah to the Last Amen.

During the 25 or so years of writing, he collaborated with several others. Some of these efforts were gospel and philosophical numbers but the mainstream was of the country-western genre.

Paul was a member of CMA for many years.

Also during this time Paul changed his career from banking to becoming a Federal Investigator of failed Banks and Savings and Loan institutions with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. This job took him to the Dallas, Texas area where he eventually retired and currently resides. You may contact Paul at: