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Hip Hop, R&B, Country


What started out as a dire need to complete a project has transformed Jay Moua into Gimmemoua, an unexpected rapper and hip-hop artist.

Last year, Moua took a stab at some lyrics he wrote and soon fell deep in love with music. Moua will be releasing his first official mixtape this year, an exciting milestone for someone who is self-taught. Since trying out music, Moua has been creating and releasing snippets of songs through social media almost weekly. An inspiration to those who might be interested in making music, the 28-year-old from Georgia says he still doesnt know much about music. As a matter of fact the only thing I know about music is [when] the music is good, he said. I just know music is incredible and I love and enjoy doing it, whether I have the proper credentials or not.

Learning to make music has been a process of trial and error.

I started studying waveforms while learning how to record a track and tinkering with all the controls inside a studio program, he said. Everything was and much still is a foreign language to me. [When I first started,] I couldnt understand a thing or knew what it did especially since I was tone deaf.

Not trying to appeal to a certain demographic or even represent the Hmong community with his music, he says the first 15 seconds of a beat usually determines the theme of the song. However, he has found inspiration in all places, including wikis.

I remember reading a wiki about rap when I first started [that said rap should be] about relevant events and [things] that are true in your life. I looked at it and laughed. It truly sounded like a psychological attack by older artists who are afraid of upcoming talent and competition, which is why I rap about riding in my yellow Lamborghini, having a lot of baby mommas, hoes, being a gangsta, Im a jay-millionaire, Im 1-Pac, whatever else the dictionary has for me to say.

Although Moua has not yet formally introduced himself to a wider audience, he has garnered negative feedback from anonymous bystanders, which have been instrumental to his growth.

Without them, I wouldn't have the heart to get better as well as the striving passion to create music just to prove to them I could do it. I'm not quite sure if they notice, but every time they hate on me my skills somewhat upgrade.

Moua has used social media to connect with beat makers in order to get his hands on their freshest product. While Moua isnt expecting to become a breakthrough star in the music industry, he is open to what this new found passion could lead to and aspires to learn more, work more with other artists and help propel beat makers. With user-created content all over the Internet, it seems like theres someone in every neighborhood trying to make it in music. But what sets Gimmemoua apart is he is trying---on his own and in his own terms. And whether or not his music venture is a success or not, he says he just loves making music.

Article by Gaoli Moua an aspiring writer and professional in journalism.

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