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Sgt Carter Band

Sgt Carter Band
Mesa, AZ, USA
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Blues Rock, Rock, Alternative
Carter Morr
Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young, Stevie ray Vaughn, PHISH, Nirvana, John FOgerty, Tom Petty


Sgt. Carter Band is more than just "one" song, says Carter Morr. My inspiration for Sgt Carter Band is to perform for "you" the audience, whether it be plugged or unplugged (acoustic). I listen to the now music and ask "where are the leads?" Where are those signature riffs that separates the musician from other musicians? I don't hear that much anymore. They need to bring back guitar leads like Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Led Zeppelin or the drum solos performed by Neil Pert, Keith Moon and John Bonham. I listen to Alice Cooper complaining of the same issues on his radio show all the time. I promise you will be hopping and hooting to our concert style or just relaxing to our acoustic sets we perform for you. I want you to remember the music we play, so you will hear covers that are Sgt Carterized which will describe my style of guitar playing. My originals are created from my heart. I have taken messages from my life in addition to current events and put them to a high energy or relaxing mix of rock, blues, indie, alternative and pop with a little country and jazz genres to create our style of music. Our music is rarely the same because I want you to hear, listen and remember Carter Morr and the Sgt Carter Band. Each member has taken their style and put their own fingerprint to each song to create something unique.. I'm sure you will enjoy the sets we have designed just for you and/or your venue.