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Acid Looks

Acid Looks
St.Petersburg, Russia
Rock, Progressive


How acid can you look in the mirror? How long can you whine about your life, your problems? Maybe you just need a little shake-up? Oh yes, you do, and Acid Looks band will definitely drive you crazy. Yes, we are the Acid Looks band, and the name ironically points out at you, listener. We appeared at the time when we changed our existence in completely other way to avoid dead-end situation followed by decadance, and that is what we offer you to do. Every song is a mix of classical rock ideas and modern progressive sounding, which will acidize your brain. But all these words are not just words - listen to your songs and find a new world in them.

Band name: Acid Looks

Genre: hard rock/progressive rock/heavy fusion

Formed: July 16, 2013

Stevie - vocals
Ilya - guitar
Nik - bass guitar
Andrew - drums