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Tomas W Mitchell

Tomas W Mitchell
Midvale, Utah, USA
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Folk Rock, Acoustic, Jazz
Just me
Everything from Burl Ives to Kansas, from Greg Brady to Evanescence.


I started making music as a little kid, my mom is a classically trained pianist and she started me young into music with the piano and singing. I picked up the drums at 12 when my older brother went into the military and left me his kit. He gave me a Deep Purple album and said "when I come back if you can play every song on this album you can keep my drums." I practices for hours at a time all summer long, I got the drum set.

I started playing in bands and that led to an interest in the guitar so I started picking that up. I grew up and quit playing the drums but I always had a couple guitars around and over the years I worked on songs and did a little performing here and there. Well one day I found myself single again, so I bought a nice house and turned a room into a "music studio", bought another drum set, started buying electric guitars and amps and a home recording set up and I just started having fun.

I play all the instruments and do all the vocals on these demo's and I'll be the first to admit these recordings need improvement. I don't have any delusions I just like making music and hope that someone will enjoy what I write if so than I have created art, if not well then let me know what I need to do differently and I'll work on it.