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The Ronas

The Ronas
Tangerang, Indonesia
Postal code:
Rock, Blues, Alternative
Label name:
Corridors Studio Pro
Adi Permana (vocals, drums), Ivan Vadi (guitar), Kondjonk (bass)
Green Day, Oasis, Bob Dylan, Sheila on 7, Superman Is Dead
The Ronas is ready to roll


The Ronas is an Indonesian rock band formed in the end of 2012. The band consists of lead vocalist and drummer Adi Permana, guitarist and backing vocalist Ivan Vadi, and bassist Kondjonk. Originally, The Ronas was only a 'jam sessions band' that played garage rock music with Adi as drummers and Ivan as guitarist on the line-up. They both formed the band, approximately in the middle of 2012, with no plan or serious intention since it was initially formed just for a 'jam sessions' purpose, with no band name, with no lyrics to be sung, all they're doing was just 'wasting time with music'. But, suddenly, the inspiration comes to mind when the band tried to add its music with lyrics. All lyrics coincidentally have already written by Adi, all taken from his collection of writings on Facebook note. When all lyrics been added to the music, they feel it's a 'perfect blend' and bunch of songs automatically come up. Since then, they're getting more enthusiastic about the band prospect and they started to look for a bass player to strengthen the band's formation and searching for name of the band. In the end of 2012, they invited Kondjonk to joined the band as the bass player and name 'The Ronas' is being used for the first time. The name 'The Ronas' is taken from a word in Indonesian 'Rona' that means 'color', and from a word in Hebrew 'Rona' means 'happiness'. Finally, name 'The Ronas' was chosen because they feel it's catchy and gives a good meaning.

The Ronas is part of rock music scene at "Corridors Studio Pro" at Tangerang City, ID. In the beginning of 2013, The Ronas started to record some songs. The Ronas have already released its first demo album on the net on 06/08/201 featured 3 songs in it. After released the demos, The Ronas still continue upload some songs on the net.