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Philip Scales

Philip Scales
Hempstead, Texas, USA
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Alternative, Funk, Hip Hop
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Trinaissance Entertainment
Philip Scales
The World
I am taking one year off to write/record/focus on my label!


Wow...never been one to toot my own horn...but here ya go.
I feel in love with music at a very early age. Our house was full of Classical music when I was in single digits and early teenager. Elvis was KING...then the Beatles rocked the world along with James Marshall Hendrix, Bob Dylan...the list goes on but that was the movement.
I guess my first guitar was a block of wood with fishing line and nails shaped kinda like a guitar. We would glare(my friends and I) at a Sears catalog wishing for that illustrious instrument.
My parents saw I was totally fixated on this but...they we willing to do a one time thing and YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN...ya know the test to see if one will stick it out...My sis and bro tugged the parental units for countless lessons on piano and just walked away so I knew I had to get their attention.
I had just seen the Allman Brothers (the full band with Duane and Berry) and was blown away.
The bass player Berry Oakley floored me with that penetrating bass...rocked me to my bass was it. I figured four strings would be easier than sought to leverage a DEAL.
I went to a local music store ( most catered to the school band program) and they had a Harmony bass. I still have it and have never seen one like it. Then from my memorizing the instrument section in that famed sears catalog we went and got thunderous two 12' speaker cabinet AND amp from sears...those were the days when Vox made stuff for people like Sears and the Roebuck folks would just stamp their name on.
I started lessons first with the cellist for the Jackson Symphony.
I quickly adapted to the practice required and elbow, arm, finger position, finger arch, etc. and was off to jam on something other than Classical with my buddies.
I soon noticed that other musicians did not have the background/foundation presented to me...Man I was hunting for that guitar player I could kick it with...many I found were not seeking the sound nor expertise I so desired so...I decided to pick up the guitar...figured I had a solid foundation with bass what is two more strings. One of my friends in High School new of this and gave his acoustic guitar. I've been thankful ever since that time.
I started playing Country Music/Rock-n-Roll but the guitar sent me to the Blues. Ya had to play the Blues as a picker being from way around it!
So research...those bad boys of the Blues. Mississippi is blessed with the Blues...Elmore James, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, B.B. KIng to name a few...then I found the three KINGS...B.B., Freddy, and Albert was this sweet.
Picking up new instruments for me was natural. I began playing the banjo/dulcimer/kalimba.
My first gig playing banjo was at the State Fair...I was asked by my school if I would represent them at this fair by playing.
I of course said yes and recruited a guitar player to accompany we rehearsed,and rehearsed and the day of the show...this guys gets cold show...I'm thinking solo banjo? so low they can't hear me... I'm freaking out...looking at 2000 plus people waiting for I said... the show must go on. I knew I could not face those whom had entrusted me to perform and let them down. I performed with some mistakes but when fans came up afterward and said I sounded great...I found out most don't know if ya fudge here and there.
About that time I found a guitarist whom could blaze some Hendrix...of course I was playing bass for him but watching every lick he played.
One night he said "gonna show you some local talent". well...I was 15 years old and was taken to the BLUE LIGHT district in Jackson, Ms. this guys was cool with the brothers and we would get seats right in front of the stage. The band takes a break and goes outside and my friend said let's go talk to em...
So outside we go and the band members are quasi-huddled while the drummer was leaning against the wall not saying a word but had a radio to his head and I asked..."what are you listening to"...he paused...looked at my buddy for a nod...then looked at me and said "JAZZ". Need he say any more...
Things were developing and through constant practice... I could feel my comfort zone expand with each instrument and genre.
By this time I was into Charlie Parker,Ray Brown,Charles Mingus, Charlie Christian, DJango Reinhardt, Weather Report, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock...BiG Herbie Fan!, Miles Davis, etc,...then an unusual thing happened when I was a freshmen in college.
There was a music seminar featuring Tom Scott, Mundel Lowe, Patrice Rushin as panelist. There came a point where I asked one question and the answer blew my mind. I said that Miles Davis has been the trend setter for ever in Jazz and I asked what was the latest thing he was working on...they were shocked...looked at each other as to who WOULD ANSWER..then Tom Scott says "Miles is working on Music that Can't be Heard but Only Felt"...I had some idea but was gonna make that part of my journey to find out.
I always hated that I had to have an instrument to write music so in addition to other studies at college I chose to study Music Theory and Composition...Those of you whom have done such know the work required. I couldn't get enough and was determined to be able to write what ever, when ever, where ever and this allowed me to do such.
Years of study and gigs at college led me to Atlanta, Ga.
I got to Hotlanta right when it was quickly becoming the Motown of the south.
I auditioned for a band Playing cover material Billy Ocean, Freddy Jackson,etc.,..and we just happened to play a gig for M&M products... a beauty pagent!
These brothers come up to me afterwards and introduced themselves...they played in Cash Flow... a band in the Cameo stable and Mothers Finest...they asked me to their studio.
Now out of college I knew the theory but putting on tape (that was state of the art then) was a new endeavor.
These brothers pulled me up by the boot straps and honed my skills...and yea...we would collaborate on really new and fresh stuff...when we would not be Funkifying some comes a church gospel group Blowin and Goin...God I loved that harmony, emotion, passion.
Once I heard what could be done in the studio and the freedom associated with same...that was it... I was hooked and never looked back.
I was determined to set up my own studio...I have been there and got the T-shirt from spec contracs pimpin those in the studio, wasting time when players come in with problems this and that or blown away and can't get play... but,,,tick tock, tick tock...that money comin outta my back frustrated with so many stars whom have yet to get their ducks in a row...I said I will do it myself...and I began the search for my sound.
I have a passion for wanting to push the envelope and everything I had heard was pushing me to take as much fruit from what I been exposed to and forge my own sound.
Now... I must give grace to those cosmic forces as all the practice, all the theory, and all the experiences are the prerequisite to put someone/anyone to reach for that cosmic fruit...I say that as many times I have no idea where these flashes of unique sound come from...I guess I'm just humbled to be a conduit for such and have chosen to do same for the rest of my life!!! my mind...have a duty to give back what has been gifted or shared with them....
So many stories of musicians whom have taken time...seen my spark...and did all they could to make me better...well ya gotta give back...SO...having said the above...I am a Believer in education/knowledge/cosmic awareness which is the philosophy behind the Indie Label I've started...Trinaissance Entertainment LLC.
I was taught by those planting a seed in me and watching it is my time to plant that seed in others for them to grow...