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Burt K. Arthur aka NorthernBandit

Burt K. Arthur aka NorthernBandit
Spanaway, Washington, USA
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Rock, Blues, Classic Rock
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British/American Rock and Blues


...1964 was a very good year for me, I was ten years old...The Beatles, Paul McCartney...and the fact I was left hand set in motion a fate only you could dream about but it became true.
Never one to give in or give up even with the diverse challenges I would face throughout my life...I was bitten by Rock and Roll...the Music of the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's the Past and the Present.
When I was in Junior High School, friends and classmates I knew were in bands and performed...Craig played Drums so cool and Randy and his girlfriend sang duet and play Lennon and McCartney songs and just killed at the talient shows.
I remember going to 'Hard Days Night' by myself at the local theater and walking away feeling even more imbeded in the myth of the Big Screen and Popular Music.
I didn't even play an instrument yet...I had 9 volt Transistor Radio and a paper route and one day decided I was going to take my hard earned money and sign up for guitar lessons...well I did and got my very first acoustic guitar and my first lesson, I was so jacked up I could barely keep my feet on the ground but that would be short lived. As a result of my independence movement...I learned immediately that with out asking permission to do so would stiffle my interest for another five years...I was made to return the guitar and cancel my lessons...I was crushed but not defeated.
Fast forward to 1973...had entered and left College life the first time, had my own appartment and my college friends ( Musicians ) along with the British Blues Rock scene had encasened me in enough amour to go down to the local music store and by my first Electric Bass Guitar.
Through many ups and downs and being kick out of the band I had helped name and played Bass Guitar in 1978 I drove down to the local music store and traded my Ampeg Bass Amp Stack in and got my first Electric Six String guitar...and I have never looked back.
Today I am what most call an 'Instrumentalist' I write, compose and record in the comfort of my home studio. I am a Singer/Songwriter and I love what I have become through has nothing to do with being a Rock Star though very early on, yeah I tried but you know they told me "never quite your day job"...and so I have still been able to enjoy all that I do.
I don't create perfection I create ideas, they are raw...sometimes basic and other times hinting at the potential they could have if I ever the opportunity to be in a real Studio...but enough of that...What I deliver is honest...story driven Rock! Inspired by History and life desire is to have people enjoy the passage of these creations.
I will continue on my quest untill there is no more time...second to the love for my wife and son, Music is my Soul Hobby...when I don'y play, write and imagine what I could do I become a very dull boy.
What I want to do is say thank you for you is appreciated! I love this Classic Blues Rock writer I have become...Peace be with you and good fortune always in your quest in modern music!