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Victor Montequin

Victor Montequin
Lake Mary, Florida, United States
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Rock, Pop
Beatles, Doors, Billy Joel, Sting, Midnight Oil


Music has been a passion of mine since I was a small. I still remember fake-conducting to Beethoven and wearing out my brother's Beatles records. I started playing piano at 7 years old, but it took a while (a LONG while) for me to actually get good at it. I also started writing poetry probably as soon as I learned to write.

In 1989 I finally formed my first band with friends from highschool. We were all learning, but I found I grew musically faster than the rest of the band. I also grew tired of being the band leader. After bouncing around with a couple bands I met another songwriter who was looking for a keyboardist. The band was called Secret Oktober, and we had a decent following in Miami, Florida. Unfortunately, the other songwriter was better than me at the time, and, feeling intimidated, I stopped writing for a few years.

I moved to NY with the band, and we changed our name to World One. After 3 years in the band I decided to try my hand at writing again, hoping to take advantage of my seasoning as a musician. Unfortunately, the timing coincided with the break-up of the group, so I was left without a band to play my songs with.

I messed around with a couple guys who had home studios, but, ultimately, grew tired of NY (or NJ, which is where I was living at the time), and decided to move back to Florida (Orlando this time).

Ultimately, I joined First Unitarian Church of Orlando and decided to stretch my music muscles again. Working with their music director I polished my singing voice, improved my playing, and started collaborating on music. After a while I still felt restricted doing that, and along with other circumstances I decided to leave the church.

Soon after I joined the University Unitarian Universalist Society (the "other" UU church in Orlando). They were smaller and had no live I decided to push myself and see if I could perform solo for the first time. I was playing covers this time, and that allowed me to really expand my musical knowledge. Over time a band was formed and I took over as the Music Coordinator for the UUUS.

During that time I decided to attend SUUSI (Southeast Unitarian Universalist Summer Institute) and took a course on songwriting. It was then that I realized I had a ton of music inside of me. During my 2nd year I was perusing the SUUSI store and saw a bunch of CD's that other people were selling there, so I decided I was going to make a CD of my own...and have it ready to sell by my 3rd SUUSI. And, I managed to accomplish that!!

So, my next challenge is to get my 2nd CD ready for next year :-)