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Deebo Thompson

Deebo Thompson
Stromberg, Rheinland Pfalz, Germany
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Hip Hop, Rap, Indie
Derrick Thompson & Thomas Braun
Too many to name



Let's ask ourselves "If I had the chance to speak to the world for a few minutes, what would I say?"

Deebo's journey with expression has been a long one indeed. Growing up a military brat and being overseas within other cultures has broadened his horizons and added to the depth of his observations. Regardless of our differences, we are more alike than we may like to admit. Thus, within Deebo's music, he seeks to find a point wherein he can relate to his listeners. Recognizing that no one person carries just one title, Deebo is a father, a husband, a brother, a son and a friend. His music is reflective of his thoughts and in choosing a path of positive music, he hopes that he can share some light, introspection and happiness with his music. His platform, from day one, has been to think better and believe better because hope is common to all men. Music is common to every culture. In hoping that his music reaches you and makes even the slightest difference in your perspective, he pushes forward. All are invited. All are welcome to come in, sit down and relax to a few ideas that will never age.