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Devoted Madness

Devoted Madness
Rieti, Italy, Italy
Postal code:
Metal, Thrash, Rock
Antonio Cirillo, Giovanni Fiordeponti, Fabio Spread Mariantoni
Megadeth, Metallica, Judas Priest


Devoted Madness were born by the idea of the guitarist Giovanni Fiordeponti who, right after leaving his old band, decides to start all over again together with his childwood friend Fabio Mariantoni, another guitarist which also dedicates himself to typical extreme metal singing techniques. Later on, they will decide to contact the bassist and singer Antonio Cirillo, quite known in the city for his previous band projects. The name is the result of Fabio's fantasies, during a typical saturday night...

The band influences range from rock to heavy metal. At this moment, the band is looking for a drummer and is working hard to go on with this project. The band is also working on their full lengh cd under the Antisex Records label, in Antonio Cirillo's home studio. The band releases the single Tears Of Hope in July 2013 receveing great responses from the fans and a good feedback. Tears Of Hope is a song included in the full lenght album the band is actually working on.