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Eryk Fisher

Eryk Fisher
Decatur, Georgia, USA
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Blues, Folk, Americana
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I'm all over the board, but my biggest influence is Howard Levy. I own music for most genres. I have always been a fan of buying music, reading the liner notes to find out 'who are the musicians.' Then I check out their music.


I started my musical journey on the harmonica. An instrument that seems simple, yet the boundaries are endless. Learning music by ear and listening and reading allowed me to get really good...but something was missing. Writing music seemed an impossible task with just a harmonica in hand. I had chords, could play melodies and even had a percussive side...but never really wrote songs on the harmonica. It was time to learn music I started plinking around with guitar and piano. A new life was born with my already passionate love for music. I started writing songs.