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Killeen, Texas, United States
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Rap, Hip Hop, R&B


In 1990 a star was born in the ordinary town of Killeen, Tx to an ordinary middle class family who lived an ordinary life. From an early age however, Gabriel Kupetz, or Koop as his friends called him, possessed an extraordinary gift. At the ripe age of 12, Koop began his rapping career in the local church in which he grew up. Giving glory to the lord, Koop was blessed with many more rapping opportunities which included school talent shows and local clubs. Despite his budding talents, when Koop entered into high school he succumbed to the social peer pressure and began to fall behind in his studies; instead opting to hang out, drink and smoke with friends. By his sophomore year Koop had fallen too far behind and withdrew himself from the high school institution. With nothing left to do during the days, his relationships at home turned sour and Koop's ordinary life began to crumble before his eyes. Realizing that continuing to go down an unconstructive path would lead to a destructive life, Koop turned to his music; the only thing that kept him going. From recording on hand held devices to homemade studios in the neighbor's closet, Koop expressed his serious passion for music in any way possible. The local community started to catch on and everyone wanted to hear about what the white boy with so many heart-wrenching lyrics had to say. Gaining confidence in himself and his words Koop knew it was time for him to pursue a career in music. Dropping his debut mix-tape in 2013, Koop is sure to WRECK the competition.