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Larry Cohen

Larry Cohen
Oshkosh, WI, united States
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Country, Blues, Folk Rock
All musicians with excellent touch, tone and style
varies according to band or recording project


My story is rather simple. When I heard the intro & lead break to CS&N 'Teach Your Children' I knew right then & there that I needed to learn to play the pedal steel. A few years after the release of the single I dropped out of college and found a great teacher in Milwaukee, WI. Week in and week out I'd make the 90 minute drive in my old beater of a car and dove into the learning process. It has taken me years of practice and just plain old persistence to be able to arrive at a place where I feel I am playing well. It is only recently that I have come to be at peace with my playing. My goal has always been to develop my own unique sound, tone and phrasing. I would like the listener to know who they are listening to on pedal steel when I'm backing a singer. No more - no less. Just appropriate playing that is distinctive. I don't mind playing covers as long as I am able to play it within my own style. My real love lies in playing original music regardless of genre. Backing the vocalist is what I love the most. I find that I can do this best in the studio although I'll always love playing live. All and all it's been a 38 year creative journey on a marvelous instrument. The love and passion that I have for the pedal steel can't be overstated. When you reach that 'sweet spot' it goes pouring through your entire body.

Couple more comments and thoughts. With literally the 'flick of switch' I can turn my pedal steel into a Dobro. It sounds exactly like a Dobro. The unit, created by Buddy Emmons back in the 90's allows for this versatility. So, in essence I play pedal steel and Dobro. A significant point as often a song will call only for a Dobro and not pedal steel.

Finally, although I play locally I am free to record & tour. I am in fact looking to play full-time. Music is my life and from here out is all that I plan on doing.