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"Use Garazd"

Moscow, Moscow, Russia
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Acoustic, Folk Rock, R&B
Segey Pozdnyakov, Konstantin Basilov
E.Presley, J.Cash, Simon and Garfankel, Beatles, Ukrainian folk songs


"Use Garazd" band was created in 2012, by two musicians from Moscow - Sergey Pozdnyakov and Konstantin Basiliov. Both of them participated in different music projects in the past 80-th and 90-th. Pozdnyakov was, for some time, leading vocalist of famous Moscow art-punk band "Veseliye Kartinki" and then have his own folk-rock project "Nikto". Bassilov had played as invited guitarist in different hard-rock and jazz bands of Moscow, that helps him to polish his individual style of guitar playing. But nor Sergey nor Konstantin were not enjoyed in a full of what they were playing. They had stopped their public performances for more than ten years. Sergey and Konstantin met in 2011 and tried some jams together. Very soon, they discovered so much common attitude to the music, and so much mutual understanding, that they decided to continue their joined music experience. As a result - the band "Use Garaazd" was born in 2012. The music style of the band can be described as "kolhoz folk blues" or "kolhoz R-N-B". "Kolhoz" was the name of state collective agriculture farms that were organized by the Soviet power in USSR. The band likes to use the Ukrainian language in their songs. This language was widely appreciated in the USSR and abroad for its softness and very musical kind of phonetics. Translation of Ukrainian words "Use Garazd" in English means : It is All Right. Now "Use Garazd" is finishing their first album: "The Old Fairytale"