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chris cole

chris cole
tring, england
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hp23 6nh
Alternative, Rock, Indie
chris cole
noel gallagher hendrix pink floyd


chris first started as a bass player in the late 80s Playing with Ritchard Cattell in the band called Dakota after 3 years giging as a bass player he formed Hes own three piece in 1991 and was now playing the guitar and writing and singing hes own material.Gigged lots as a three piece with bass player Gavin Edwards and drummer Stephen Marcano ,formly known as OZONE 3 . The band as a three piece played many gigs and headlined the mean fiddler Harlesden And played the Spacecace Festival and many west london venues using the name FREEFLOW . Around 1993 formed as a four piece ,Chris cole on main vocal and rythm guitar, Gavin Edwards on bass, Stephen Marcano on drums and Mark Doyle on lead guitar .Built up a good live act ,the band stormed through the 90s ,and through the BRITPOP SCENE. And in 2000 with another name THE ELUSIVE and new Lead guitarist Ritchard Cattell the band went on to do a few last gigs and finally the band spilt in 2002. Chris has gone on to work with some great players and producers and worked on albums with v.j stanbury titled 3 chords and the truth and one flew over Which V.J Stanbury Produced. Co wrote the song called what if with V.J. Stanbuy, Chris sang main vocals on what if and slipping away. around 2005 2006 formed a geat band with V.J Stanbury and Gavin Edwards ,Kieth Newstead .The band is known as chinese eyes . Chris has recently worked with Kieth. A. Newstead Recording Chris's solo album Still Rolling With The Times which Keith. A. Newstead produced. The album was mastered by Pete Maher. The album will be available soon.