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Most people are excited to have just one exciting career. But Shawn Taylor isnt like most people. Hes had two! And both have helped him create an innovative device that can revolutionize the fields of music and medicine.

Shawns unlikely story begins in Illinois when he was registered as a certified Emergency Medical Technician before graduating from high school.

Like most teenagers, he also loved music and discovered he had an impressive talent for writing and singing. In fact, while still a teenager, he wrote his first song for Dominos Pizza, Avoid the Noid (Deliver). The catchy tune caught the ear of the pizza chains international office.

Shawn also did extensive work as a DJ. But these gigs were about much more than simply spinning records. Shawn began experimenting and mixing different sounds and genres of music. His remix of multi-platinum artist Pauli Carmans Faith created a fan following.

As a vocalist, Shawn had always been fascinated with sounds. Shawn began a music and video business education at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and graduated with a high achievement award in 1990. The recognition was well-earned because it was also during this time he began fusing his medical and music knowledge, recognizing that some of the most incredible sounds truly come from within.

Now, Shawn is on the verge of releasing a creation that may change the music industry as we know it. This invention truly captures the almost musical rhythm to breathing patterns or the beat of a beating heart. Blending these inner sounds with more traditional instruments will expand music far beyond computers and digital systems that exist in every recording studio.

Shawn believes there are no limits to this groundbreaking technology that he feels will one day move from being a signature supplement to its own music genre.

Shawn has always had an ear for music but his real gift to the industry may be as a visionary in the development of a device that gives voice to the rhythm, beats and melodies of the human body.

So, as every great DJ says Stay tuned!