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RB In The Background

RB In The Background
Tampa Bay Area, Florida, United States
Alternative, Rock, Other
Bruce Robert


It must have started at a very young age, when my mom would play her "Otis Redding & Al Green" records and allow the living room to become the dance floor. From there; it was singing on the church choir and playing around on the piano, then becoming a member of the school course and band, to finally an inspirational singer/songwriter and keyboardist (All because of God).
In my aging, it's never been any clearer to me, that once music or the love is music is placed in you, it's embedded forever and never truly leaves. I feel blessed to have this gift and am fortunate to be teamed up with my friend and partner for life, who taught, helped to groom and prepared me for the stage.
Today, my passion is writing new songs and playing music, with the desire that the lyrics and rhythms help to heal the listener.

This is an an unusual sound with a tasteful approach being supplied. Derived from unique and genuine co-writers with a diverse persona persona and social heritage, Personally, I feel it has become it's own brand of alternative rock.