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Northridge, Ca, usa
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Blues, Blues Rock, R&B
Terry Carter, Gary Fitzgerald


I started playing drums in my teens. But parents wouldnt buy one. So I got a pair if drumsticks and used my thighs as drum heads and learned how to keep a steady beat. So I Sang in a couple cover bands but the love of drums never died. Finally got a set of drums at the age of 18 and started playing in a band. Several bands later landed in an all original band. After years of playing guitar in my room I landed in a hard rock band, long hair, spandex, lights, action, rollem, the whole nine yards. After that I moved to California. A few years passed while jamming around decided to go back to playing drums. So I ended up in a blues band playing drums. After this broke up I convinced the bass player in the band who is now my main right hand man Gary to jam with me on Guitar. He had heard a couple original I wrote, so we started jamming, writing and building ideas and kept at it until we realized we had enough original stuff to do a CD. That is how Grey Foxx was born