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QLD, Australia
Rock, Pop, Alternative
Seren Skies
Too many to all types of music and sing them


I am a Lyricist/Vocalist...Rock is my favorite Genre but I sing various genres...I have finished one album with Damian Smith called 'Obscure Views' which also includes an International Collaboration with 2 women from India. I have been told I remind people of Blondie (Debbie Harry), LadyHawke, The Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Pat Benatar and recently in a review I was likened to ' Alanis Morissette meets Adele'....I started singing at an early age, grabbing my mums microphone at age 3 and sang along with some great old fashioned vinyl. Through childhood and teen years I was always involved in some sort of local Musical/Concert or Choir, by doing this I was accepted into the local Amateur Theatre at 17. At 24 I tried out for the first Australian Idol, where my hopes were nearly smashed after being told my voice was brilliant but my 'looks' were 'unmarketable'. A few years down the track, with more life experiences under my feet, I have decided now is the time to venture back to what I love, and in the last 12mths have made a tremendous amount of headway...Music moves people's souls...I want to have people listen to my songs because they stir something within you... 'Obscure Views' is available at which has started grabbing attention in certain parts of the industry, one of my songs 'Obscurity (Radio Edit) has just been selected to play on air in L.A. on KLEDLive 91.1fm as well as reaching the Top 180 songs for 2014 on NBTMUSICRADIO. I have also just been placed on the Artist Reach Artists Roster which is affiliated with Saturday Night Live/NBC.