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Melanie Blades

Melanie Blades
Alternative, Folk Rock, Healing & EasyListening
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I was born in the former U.S. Territory known as the Canal Zone, in Panama, Central America...Have lived in Miami, in the U.K., in Hawaii and now in Wisconsin...I have four brothers, no sisters...Music and books have been my constant companions.
My late mom was a singer/pianist and a radio actress, and my dad was a percussionist in a Big Band.
Singing since the age of three. Exposed to a wide range of music. From Chopin, to West Side Story, from Renata Tebaldi to King Sunny Adé;, to BB King, Brian Eno to Peter Gabriel...From Motown to King Crimson, the Beatles to Pink Floyd to Talking Heads, Streisand to Pink, Sergio Mendez to Donna Summer, Astrud Gilberto to Lucho Gatica, Armando Manzanero, from Glenn Miller Band to Prince, John Denver to Laurie Anderson, Queen to U2, Fleetwood Mac to Marvin Gaye/Teddy Pendergrass/Barry White, from Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and everything in between...
I love the old Standards, and identify with the vocalists from the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's because one can clearly hear the feeling in their beautiful voices; There are some singers (not many) that have that feeling today...

So much music, beautiful music...
Love a capella. Purest way of singing...and a good way to meditate...