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Long cove, Newfoundland, Canada
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Comedy, Country, Country


I was born and raised in a small town, that was known as the Crossroads of the World, Gander, Newfoundland Canada and at the age of 6 taught myself to play guitar. When I learned how to play my first full song "The House of The Rising Sun", by the Animals, I knew I found something I loved to do. I played guitar in local bands as a teenager and always had a dream of recording my own song someday.
Many years later I found myself sitting in the bunk of my brother's transport truck with my guitar, driving across Canada. Staring out the window thinking about how cold it was I wrote a song on post it notes which was almost impossible to write on with the vibration of the truck engine.
Since I wrote this song a lot of time has gone by and I'm back living in Newfoundland, not quite the place I started, but in a small coastal community. It is here that I decided to pursue that "Crazy Little Dream" and record the song that I held on to for so many years