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E.W. Harris

E.W. Harris
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Postal code:
Indie, Folk, Electro
E.W. Harris and some robots...poised on the brink of revolution
Bjork, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Radiohead, Pink Floyd
"Oddly, Uniquely, cool and strange" I am Entertainment Magazine


I will give you some brief information about myself and then maybe tell a story. My name is Eric, but I go by E.W. not because I like it better necessarily, but because it seems to suit me more.

I make widely varied sounds using a number of things, and some people call that music. It makes me happy when they do. I have lived in a van, worked in warehouses, and speak barely conversational broken Zulu.

I enjoy the smell of musty books, pipe tobacco, and the last half of the sound of a train going by. In addition to this, I hate the overuse of pronouns and boilerplate transitional phrases and feel it makes for extremely boring reading. So there it is, already too wordy.

If you still want a story...I recommend reading one of the many fine selections in the cannon known as the Star Wars expanded universe.