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Soderhamn, SE, SWEDEN
Postal code:
Pop, Country, Rock
Artists: Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Ulf Lundell and Magnus Lindberg


-If you want to get to know me, then listen to my music!
-My dream and vision is to make it International
and in the States as Songwriter or Artist
with my music and to move over there!

- My music is partly about my life experiences, longing for love,
on vulnerability, the less fortunate and societal injustices.

I NOW have reached agreement with a US Company with Marketing
of my coming release CD EP Album: AMERICAN DREAM.
This will be a great future!

I started out at teenage learned to play guitar and pretty soon to write own material.
In the early 80s I formed a hardrock band Amethyst and took the lead voice
and rhythm guitar part.
In the 90s I started working professionally out on stages within music entertaintment
playing cover songs and that lasted for 20 years.
I am an artistic musician and the need to express my own inner thread as musician
cannot be shut down just playing other Artists material.

I have though missed out on many things in life such as family and children.
My childhood was a time of problems and worries and that has made me suffer.
The Music was a Gift I received from not falling down and has kept me staying alive.

I have gone through a huge transformation via personal development and therapy
and today I know who I am and what I want in life!

The last years I have become more and more serious about my material
and I have been striving the whole life, to be acknowledged as an Artist.

I dream of being successful as a Singer/Songwriter Composer for other Artists
and my own of course.

The songs I have uploaded are all written, recorded and produced by me alone
with my small equipment as I still live a tough life financially fighting to survive
and cannot afford Studio Time or hire musicians.

So now I look forward to this great oppurtunity I have with a cooperation
with a US distribution label.
Warm regards ACE