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London, London, United Kingdom
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Rock, Funk, Blues
Red Hot Chilli Peppers,Foo Fighters,Blackstone Cherry,Tom Petty,Sublime,James Brown,Primus,The Winery Dogs,Hendrix,Pink Floyd,Dave Navarro


A London based rock band, intent on making music, fun and other shenanigans.

What is there to say? The exciting way to paint the picture would be "that we all met each other by chance at a bar or gig and just hit it off. Started talking music, realised there was some common ground and decided to start jamming out some ideas, and hey presto..."

The reality, however, is that we all met through Gu...mtree. The bass (Daverage Normal) and drums (Alex Bones) met in mid-2010, played in a couple of bands, (Dirty Pendejo & MadChasm), but evidently though, they were never meant to be. Took 3 months out and hooked up again in early 2013, "we'll do it properly this time". Put an ad up, went through the arduous process of trying to find the right fit, with some hilarious results, and also some very painful jamming sessions... no seriously, the stories we can share....

Enter the guitarist (Johnny Hollywood), having recently returned from living the dream (touring Northern Europe (Looking for Droids)- doing the thing), took a punt at that well of uncertainty and despair, the Gumtree musician wanted section, replied to and ad etc.... Wanted something fresh, different, we hooked up and it just worked from the outset. The grooves, the vibe, the moment, it was all there, and somehow, we'd found it. It's true to say that our first jam just worked, clicked, rocked, the vibe was there,

After a period of working on an instrumental set we felt a singer would complete the line up. It's took a little longer than desired and our attempts at using Gumtree again weren't exactly fruitful. After a few unsuccessful jams, luck would have it that a friend of a friend was looking. A few studio sessions later and it was coming together. Thus a singer (Stacii Vain) had stepped up to the mark.

When you hear us play you'll find that we've got a tight rhythm section that's locked in, the left hand knows what the right hand is doing, with a guitarist that can weave in and out of the groove, creating a laid-back (not always) walk-through of our collective ideas and influences, topped with a great vocal presentation with varied ideas and themes to share.