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San Francisco, California, United States
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Rock, Alternative, Pop Punk
Rock, Soul, Funk, New Wave, Punk, Pop, Blues, Jazz,


BETA RAY'S birth was originally conceived as a solo project by MIG (singer/guitarist). He had written and recorded all songs, guitar and vocal works w/ Al on bass and his other best friend, Dave, on drums. Dave was unable to continue beyond the recording, so Al and MIG decided to seek out new talent by expanding the lineup for a fresh direction and interpretation in performing this music live. And so, Beta Ray was born in Oakland, CA, in November of 2012 but recently relocated in San Francisco in March of 2014.

Beta Ray is searching for a producer as well as a recording studio to finish the album or to re-record to include their lead guitarist Solo and new drummer Jamers to the mix.

MIG is the singer/rhythm guitarist and fearless leader. Born and raised to his mid-teens in San Francisco, the early years of live at five to sing and heaven at seven on guitar proved to be the magic marriage to pen his first song at twelve. An interest from Epic Records among other music industry experiences with the band Left Out Lamont (disbanded) have been invaluable in shaping Beta Ray to be a force to reckon with. The voice of attention and the formula-1 songwriter of catchy pop/rock fire, he will touch one or of many in attendance with his presence, confidence and charisma. True to form of a frontman.

James (aka: JAMERS) is the drummer and backbone to the nerve center of this core team of musical talent. Born in San Francisco, his mark in music touches all ends to the spectrum professionally. He anchors the sound methodically and is the lethal judge, jury and execution in massive attack modes and focused deliveries. The wild child of sticks and hits meets self-control action.

Al (aka: LIGHTENING) is the bassist, who brings the fat and thunderous shake to the mind, heart and soul. Born in Maine, he's performed in the U.S. as a founding member of former RCA Records recording group DrySpell (disbanded). He will mesmerize the eyes with his physical energy, notes of melodic flare and moments of flash to his spitfire-fret work. The bottom feeder of thick and heavy.

Scott (aka: SOLO) is the final element to this champion of rock bands. Born in Maryland, his pre-teens of listening to icons of lead guitar struck him to learn and hone the skill and talent in lead and rhythm, mixing textbook and freestyle of all genres. His lead guitar emits sonic waves to electrify the world around him and beyond with a whisper to the ear or in your face hypnotic control. Guitar gods raise their fists in the air when he enters the rock arena. A sworn defender of the six-stringed sword to wield, and hero and faith healer to the ax lovers.