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All for the Lord

Florida, United States
Christian Rap, Hip Hop, Rap
God/Jesus Christ/Holy Spirit


Started from 3 years old getting hot by a car jumping a ditch getting my leg broke to running the streets with my brother at from5-9 years old cuz my sisters father made us go outside all day till night cuz we was always to loud. So we ended up going all over doing what came to our heads as little kids. Then again most of the time we'd be going to church having the BUs pick us up right in front of the House. Getting away from watching my mother get abused. Then Came from running with the devil doing his work all around Florida to going to Juvi program for 7 months to getting back out doing the devils work once again. Getting roped off for charges ya'll can look up to getting offered 40 somethings months at first to talkin em down in the name of the Lord and Sending Me to Par for 18-24 month rehad cuz I was heavy on Xanax and bunch of other worldy habits needed to get rid of. Running with the devil was the biggest. My soul is finally free from the devils grasp and am doing my best to keep that way. But of course always slipping sliding back into old habits, but only mentally. Making and creating songs is what keeps my mind and heart close to God and not Doing the Devils work anymore. I ended leaving Par violating my probation, going back to county, getting sent back to par to start all over again after spending 11 months already. Ended up leaving again cuz I wasn't bout to do it all over agiain. I ended up getting sent to up the road to doin 18 months with the time I already had in only from county without the time counted that I completed in Par. They didn't count that. Ended up going to Orlamdo Reception for about 2 or 3 months waiting to get shipped to main camp. Lancaster Correctional was the main camp ended up going to. This is only a dent compared to if you were in my shoes going thru these situations. This is only a dent compared to everything I actually been through.But that's the mystery.
Everything Happens for the reason the Lord has Set forth. We go through the situations we go through in order for us to be able to be who he wants us to be when we get older and out of listening to the Devils thoughts of depression, anxiety, thoughts of not being good enough to do anything. We can do anything through Jesus Christ.