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Graz, Austria
Alternative, Rock, Pop
Label name:
Sound-Rehab, Austria
Pete Outlaw, Gus Bus


Either fate or pure coincidence [pick whatever you believe in] caused a bunch of seasoned musicians to meet again at Sound-Rehab after wandering on different paths for roughly 15 years.

After laying down a couple of tracks that were actually intended to end up on other productions, it was clear that there is more to it than just studio sessions. The spirit was back, the groove was just happening and every session more inspiring than the one before. Some of these tunes simply had to be released!

So Pete and Gus, chef de cuisine and rotisseur at BetterB.NiftY, created some steaming hot grooves, stewed some delicate tunes and garnished them with bitter-sweet lyrics to dish out some hauntingly memorable goodies.

While Pete and Gus could proficiently play all instruments required to produce their songs, they usually have other characters chiming in, simply for the fun of it and for the variety it yields.

The result spans a wide range of musical styles and genres. It doesnt really matter what tune or song, but it better be nifty.