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Jordan Green

Jordan Green
West Orange, New Jersey, United States
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Rock, Country, Roots Music


There was no denying from the moment he picked up a ukelele at the age of 7, that Jordan Green was destined to be a musician. Since then, he's barely stopped to catch his breath along the road to success. Practicing, playing, singing, writing, recording, performing, teaching...Jordan does it all with unbridled passion.

At 15, Jordan is well on his way to being the singer/songwriter he aspires to be. His soulful voice, quirky lyrics and bluesy roots rock melodies are the result of five years of self-motivation and hard work. His boundless energy and dedication keep him steady on a continuing journey to develop a unique and relevant sound.

Jordan is a student at The Original Music School where he studies songwriting, guitar and bass. It was there he formed his first band, "Ridiculous" in the summer of 2008. Together with his band, Jordan wrote dozens of songs. "Ridiculous" continued to record and perform live until 2011 when the band members parted ways.

In 2012, Jordan was introduced to aspiring country singer Katie G. She had written a song called "Heaven" and needed a back up band to help her enter a local talent competition. Though Jordan had never played country music before, he readily picked up his guitar and joined the ranks of Katie's newly formed band - The Originals.

By the finals of the competition, The Originals had morphed into more than just a back up band for Katie G. They decided to continue working together. They began learning each other's songs and started showcasing not only Katie G.'s music, but all the other band member's music as well. The gigs began pouring in - festivals, fairs, charity events and a weekly open mic night and Anthony's Pizzeria in Morristown.

The open mic night was just the venue Jordan needed to jump start his own writing again. The songs began pouring out. This new sound was different, infused with several different styles - rock, country, blues and funk. Jordan decided it was the right time to begin working one on one with his longtime teacher and mentor, Anthony Vitale. Together, they began polishing his new songs and heading into the studio to lay down the tracks.

"Results May Vary" is Jordan's first solo release. Slotted for release in 2014 are several more tunes - "In the Stars", "Master of Disguise", "Are You Done?", "Budge", "I'm Home", "Someday" and "Can't Change Me."

In addition to his songwriting and performing with his band, "The Good Enufffs", Jordan continues to perform regularly as a duo with Katie G. He is a high school sophomore, plays double bass in the school orchestra and electric bass in the jazz band. He also plays bass, acoustic guitar and sings in his church's praise band and choir.