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Budapest West

Budapest West
Gig Harbor, WA, United States
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Instrumental, Electronica, Progressive
Label name:
Brown Pelican Records
Rob Rigoni & Santia
Peter Gabriel, Rush, Trent Reznor, Depeche Mode
May 9th at Carousel French Cusine, Yakima, WA


Since the release of their first critically acclaimed album “Letters from Afar”, Budapest West have delighted audiences around the Pacific Northwest and beyond with their unique “electro-world-groove” sound. Budapest West have performed at many of Washington’s largest festivals, including the Coupeville Arts & Crafts Festival, Spokane Pig Out, Choochokam Music & Arts Festival, Apple Blossom Festival, just to name a few. Their sound has been heard on live stages from Alaska to Hollywood and across the Midwest and Great Lakes region. In addition to traditional music and arts venues, Budapest West regularly performs at craft breweries, wineries, weddings and fine restaurants.

Their sound fuses the multi-textural and multi-style playing of guitarist Rob Rigoni with the trance-like and hypnotic synth/bass/percussion lines of keyboardist Santia. Merging old fashioned live performance techniques with modern looping, advanced synthesis, and triggered sounds, Budapest West achieve a lush, melodic, sound that is sure to take the listener on a “sonic adventure around the world”.

In addition to their compelling live show, Budapest West music has been heard on National Public Radio, and their song “Tranquility in E Minor” from the 2010 album reached #1 on the “all instrumental” station. In 2012, Santia penned the trance-rock anthem “Moon Goddess” especially for Tacoma’s 12/22/12 Winter Solstice Event and the recorded version was debuted as the clock struck midnight, much to the delight of the Solstice revelers. With the 2014 release of “Journey of Imagination”, Budapest West carries on their tradition of engaging and entertaining world-rock music.

Whether you call it “electro-world-groove” or “gypsy infused belly dance rock” or “world-fusion”, the sounds of East meets West merge into the Budapest West sound that will have you dancing, grooving, and journeying into far the away mythical lands of our collective past.