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Rothschild, WI, USA
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Alternative, Rock
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Just Me
Zeppelin, Melloncamp, Beatles, Pink Floyd, G & R


Matt Paulson was born on May 4, 1972 in central Wisconsin. At an early age his parents relocated to Southern California where Matt spent most of his young and teenage life. A product of the 80s, he was heavily influenced by the era. The youngest child of 3 he grew up with two older sisters that had a heavy influence on his young impressionable mind. Both sisters had Van Halen, Billy Squire, Loverboy, Styx, Rod Stewart among others blaring on the hifi systems of the day.
At the age of 12 he was introduced to his fist cassette Walkman. It was a bold new world where he could blare Twisted Sister, DIO, AC/DC, Quiet Riot, Scorpions, ect. He later, in his teen years expanded his musical aptitude to include The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Hendrix. This coincided with an early aptitude to alter his state with a leafy substance and his discovery of Alcohol. Little did he know how the 3 would shape his young adulthood.
At the age of 18 while working odd jobs and attending Pasadena City College, Matt Paulson bought his first electric guitar from a pawn shop in Pasadena California. It was a cherry red Harmony single coil. W/o an amp an adapter was purchased to run it through a stereo system. It was at this time where matt learned how to play Mary Had A Little Lamb and An A Chord.
Matts appetite for thc and alcohol would result in a downward spiral of self-infliction. No progress was made musically nor productively what so ever. Matts father thought it may be a good idea for Matt to move to Wisconsin. So with a compilation of Zeppelin, Matt hit the road with a cousin in route to Antigo Wisconsin. Once in Antigo Matt bounced around from Uncles and Aunts houses until his mother purchased a house in Antigo that he would stay at. In the first summer he stayed at the house it had no electricity and he lived as a squatter going on junk runs with his uncle to eat.
At this point Matt was heavily influenced by the Seattle sound (Mother Love Bone, Pearl Jam, Nirvanna, Soundgarden, Temple Of The dog)
After his mother and sister moved in with him they provided a more stable living arrangement which allowed Matt to start classes at the local Tech school where he started on his pursuit to earn a technical degree in computer science. He attended classes attentively and procured a part time low paying job. While at the job he was introduced to Ion Jones. Ion was into playing acoustic guitar and singing a bit among a lot of other things. They began to chum around. Matt began on yet another destructive path mostly with alcohol at this point.
At this time Matt would also frequent his Uncle Charlies house quite a bit. Matt was always drawn to musicians and would often watch his cousin play drums with other local musicians. It was at this point where matt got serious about music. Along with the bass he also purchased an Oscar Schmidt acoustic guitar from an Antigo Music Store that was going out of business. He still has the guitar to this day.
So between the Bass guitar and acoustic Matt would strum and pick endlessly trying to get the grasp of the instrument. W/o the comprehension of music theory matt struggled to grasp the instruments and would often become frustrated with them.
It is at this point where Matt met the mother of his child. An avid dancer he would frequent teen dance clubs on the weekends. Bruisers in Wausau, Reflections teen dance club in Marshfield. It was their where he met the mother of his 1st child. Long story short they moved in together and had a son. He later found out she had cheated on him several times and ended the relationship.
After the demise of this relationship Matt pursued music again and came across a couple of kindred spirits that he would found a band with. Jody Myers guitar vocals, Matt Paulson Bass vocals, and Brandon James drums. Brown Sugar was decided for the band name from a heavy addiction to the Rolling Stones. Black Crowes, Stones and among other covers were wreaked out of Jody's basement along with a few covers. The band dissolved after its first public gig.
Matt had brushes with the law mostly due to his driving it was of a California style that did not mesh well with the local fuss. He was pulled over several times to the point where it required license revocation. This did not sit well with Matt so he still drove and got caught and had to do a couple of weeks in the local jail. In jail he came across RIP Jim Garskis Brother Chris Garski (a good soul who died too young). Matt told Chris he played bass guitar. Chris told Matt his brother was looking for a Bass Player.
This would form the foundation of The Happily Rejected one of the earliest Alternative bands in Central Wisconsin. The lineup was Jimmy Garski vocals guitar, Billy Groff Lead Guitar, Matt Paulson Bass and Dennis Ross Drums. Lots of shows were played. Lots of thc was consumed and great deal of alcohol was abused. In the midst of that an album called HobbledeHoy was recorded at Campfield studios. Matt Paulson laid down all of the bass lines for that lp.
Matt Played a Yamaha 5 string bass through a Crate Combo Amp for all live shows and the recording of Hobbledehoy.
After scattering about for a couple years of non-stop jams and lots of thc and alchohal Matt met the woman of his dreams Sarah Marie Trotzer. He weaned from the band scene and went back to school to finish his degree in computer science and works to this day as a computer programmer
He then settled down and raised 3 more children Abbigail Paulson, Myles Paulson and Elliot Paulson to accompany his first son Josh Paulson. With a good grasp on family and career Matt never forgot his love of making music. Tired of Bass he began to aggressively pursue electric guitar. He began on a journey to discover the instrument from head to toe. This journey is not over and continues to this day as Matt lays down covers and originals to capture a spirit that cannot be abolished