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Nur Ich

Nur Ich
Lake Dallas, TX, US
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Instrumental, Other
Kevin Russbach


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Musician, composer, awarded amateur photographer, creative writer, culinary short-order artist, accomplished swimmer, humorist, dramatist, and person. "I have only one goal in life: to be recognized. It seems as if that is the most difficult of tasks."

Many accomplishments have been documented in all of these areas and by professionals and laymen, alike. But, most have been discarded, left behind, or lost. Each and every day is an exercise to help and abet others, to bring music, humor, drama, understanding, direction, guidance and support to as many as possible. It has been said, many many times, that these givings will reap crops of equal or greater value.

Informal music training began with the introduction of a "perfect third" somewhere between 1957 and 1959 by a member of the Friends Meeting House of Woodbury, New Jersey. 1960 began formal music training with Eugene Magill and a clarinet. In 1962 I began formal piano training at Woodbury Conservatory of Music (NJ/USA). Diligent pursuit of clarinet resulted in assignment to special performance bands at West Deptford JR/Sr High School. Additionally, Kevin was awarded the opportunity to audition for the All-South-Jersey-Band. However, focus on piano overshadowed clarinet study, and in 1965 a move to Wilminton, DE resulted in enrollment to Wilmington Music School. There he pursued piano study that resulted in reciting Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 1 at my Wilmington Music School exit recital.

The next few years he struggled with direction, including homelessness and hunger. This growth-provoking period came to an end when he moved to Houston, TX in pursuit of a employment and a music career. 1997 he purchased his first piano. Soon thereafter joined Douglas Marsh to accompany his three and one half octave voice, while learning 85 of his original songs. Marriage brought an end to that 3-year effort and then divorce brought an end to marriage. Summer of 1985, at nearly 35 years of age, Kevin was accepted to University of Houston, where he studied studied music theory, sight singing and ear training for two years. In 1992 he graduated from University of Houston. Pursuit of helping others, as well as another few years in secondary education, resulted in Kevin becoming a Licensed Nursing Facility Administrator and well as a Licensed Social Worker.

After leaving the wonderful world of "bottom-line" administrative duty via burnout, six years elapsed before a decision to pursue formal music study. The application process was not completed, but this desire rings a true note in wanting.

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