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Sam Handwitch

Sam Handwitch
Bozeman, MT, US
Other, Electronica, Experimental
Sam Handwitch


I started all the madness and ridiculousness I will put on here during the end of May 2013 and have continued off and on since then. I basically have no idea what the hell I'm doing when it comes to music and producing it, these are just the sounds I make when I need to vent a little.

If you're into weird stuff like me you just might like some of this point most of what I will upload will be unfinished or demos but I am planning on working on some new stuff and maybe even finishing some of the many demos I have already started! I think adding some lyrics to some tracks may be fun as well but first to find others to collaborate with...Yay!

Anyway, more on my sound cloud and RN page,

Friggen FB page,

And the Twitterzzz,