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Kerry Leigh

Kerry Leigh
Sandpoint, ID, USA
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Americana, Folk Rock, Blues Rock
Kerry Diminyatz
Everly Brothers, Byrds, Beatles, Beach Boys, Stones, Who, Neil Young, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan


There's not much tread left on these old tires. But somehow this old wreck keeps rolling down the highway towards some undetermined destination. And the small rocks stuck in the tires strike a rhythm, and the worn engine valves tap along like a cheap Hi Hat. Then, every once in a while, a quartering wind brings a melody in through the open driver's side window, and a song is born.

Kerry Leigh (aka Kerry Diminyatz)
Music Bio.

Like many musicians, I first started performing folk and gospel material in church. As I moved into College, I began playing with several different types of musical groups performing at various venues throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California. This included everything from small acoustic based folk, gospel trios to classic power rock quartets. In all of these groups, I had the opportunity to perform my own compositions and see how they set with the public.

In 1980, I formed the band Forecast. Forecast contained three strong songwriters/vocalists and in a short time worked it's way into the rotations at the better venues in the Bay Area. By 1983, I had saved enough money to begin work on an independent record which became the 1983 Project "Cantinas No Mas." These recordings included: "Getting Better," "In Your Smile," "Still There's Something," "Won't Let You Take the Time," "Midnight Feels Like Noon," "You That Makes Me," "Never Too Late," Not Good Enough," and "Golden Boy."
Following my split with Forecast in 1984, I built an 8 track based recording studio and focus on songwriting. This kept me busy through the rest of the 80's, writing and recording such songs as; "Left Home," "Broken Cowboy," "Pick Up My Pride," "She's So Close, " several many others.

By 1990, my day job were becoming more and more pressing and I was spending little time in the studio. However, in 1997, I got an invitation to a CD release party. My friend's independently produced CD coupled with advances in Digital Audio Workstations (DAW), inspired me to get back to the studio.

I subsequently built my first DAW and learned digital recording techniques. this gave me the ability to work intricate projects at home and reach a new audience over the Internet. Since 1997, I've completed: "Cold Nights," "I Still Care," "Can't Reply," Interlude," "Sad Clown," "The Way That I Came," Lauren's Lullaby," "California Suite," and "Simple Minded." In addition, I've been able to digitally remaster my earlier analog recordings.

In 2000, I released two CD's "Never Too Late," which contained Rock and Pop material, and "Pagoda Cowboy," which featured Country Rock songs. The tracks from these two CDs were well received and gained considerable airplay in Europe. In 2011, I released "Anger Grows" which was a three year project featuring new material and new directions.

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