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Kevin Village-Stone

Kevin Village-Stone
Lakeport, CA, United States
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Progressive, Rock, Fusion
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Whispering Light Music
Kevin Village-Stone, Lindy Day
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Kevin Village Stone, a native of the San Francisco Bay Area has been in the music and post-production industry for decades as a composer, performer, producer, and pro-audio/recording engineer.

Jazz and classically trained on trumpet since the age of eight, Kevin has studied under the San Francisco Symphony, Chuck Rainey, John Handy, Johnny Coppola (Maynard Ferguson Band), and various studio cats of the SF Bay Area.

Kevin's music and production work have appeared in international productions, national radio and television broadcast, computer games, and educational resources for a variety of clients and Fortune 100 companies.

Being of Cherokee and Japanese ancestry and now living in Lake County, California, Kevin performs and records original instrumental compositions of Native American and Ecuadorian flutes over modern and traditional instruments.

His work includes the renowned "Whispering Light" series of meditation music CDs that have been gaining widespread popularity not only among the spiritually practicing public, but also among Yoga and Tai-Chi instructors, psychotherapists, Reiki practitioners, massage therapists, recovery groups, and other healthcare/well-being professionals.

In concert, he has been known to play multiple instruments simultaneously and his sets, depending on the venue, range from meditative to smooth jazz to hard progressive alternative rock. His main instruments of study are native flutes, bass guitars, keyboards, piano, and organic world instruments.

"I do not consider myself to be a 'traditional' Native flute player although I know many traditional songs (inipi olowan, wocekiye olowan, and multi-tribal traditionals) that I play for myself and ceremony." says Kevin. "I leave that for those who are experts and have the historical background. The music I perform is a type of cross-cultural renaissance from inside me that uses every musical element I have learned and experienced. I am merely expressing what is in my soul and heart and hopefully others will join me in the journey. As with the Cherokee story of Sale Gugi Usti the turtle, I can only be what the Great Creator of All Things has made me to be and to honor all that conspires to love me everyday".